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Editorial Rx Press is an independent publishing house established in 2007 in association with Editorial Rx, Inc. Our core subject areas are medicine; medical writing; and history, biography, and-soon to come-travel. We specialize in books, new media, and additional resources directed to discerning readers.

Our Publications


Health science publications that advance the understanding of medicine and health care today. Authors are health care providers and physicians-turned-writers who share their experience, hope, and passion with a critical eye and honest voice.

Medical Writing

The best of the best in nonfiction medical writing books, including medical writing resources, publications about the business and marketing of health care writing, titles on the practice of medical journalism, and relevant news and discussion.

History, Biography, Travel

Engaging publications that make local history and lives worth living accessible to discerning readers. Books that give readers wanderlust; stories about those who have followed their dreams.

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Our iPhone and iPad Apps

Female Pioneers of Fort Myers

Spotlights the everyday female leaders who helped transform Fort Myers from a rough-and-tumble cow town into a modern-day city in southern Florida USA. Shows the rich personal stories of twenty-four exceptional women who suffered and overcame rigorous hardships, incomprehensible loss and numbing tragedies, significantly impacting the development of a United States town’s culture, building and amenities from 1866 through the 1900s.

IASLC Staging Resource in Thoracic Oncology

Presents IASLC-recommended changes for lung cancer staging in the UICC and AJCC 7th edition of TNM. Especially valuable to oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, scientists, and pathologists working in the field of thoracic oncology. Includes IASLC-original illustrations, beautifully rendered specifically for the iPad and smartphone media. Interactive staging tool for on-the-spot verification of 7th edition TNM classification variables.

IASLC Atlas of ALK Testing in Lung Cancer

A resource designed to help pathologists, laboratory scientists, and practicing physicians better understand various methods of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) testing and the interpretation of test results. This Atlas app defines the appropriate candidates for ALK testing, describes and compares several assay platforms for ALK testing, and discusses proposed screening-diagnosis paradigms for treatment with ALK inhibitors.

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Recent News & Announcements

Welcome to Our New Website!

While the site itself may be new, we took particular care that all the key elements important to readers are retained. We wanted the site to have a more modern build and to shift to a new hosting provider, so we decided it was a good time to redo the site--with...

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New Publications!

Editorial Rx Press is pleased to announce two new titles to its collection: Collected Poems by Joseph V. Simone, MD (see previous announcement) Female Pioneers of Fort Myers: Women Who Made a Difference in the City's Development Congratulations to Robin Tuthill and...

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